Receiving, Storing & Managing Your Goods

Veracity receives, inspects, organizes, stores and controls your inventory on your behalf, giving you the peace of mind knowing that your product is high-quality and compliant.


Your Product Is In Good Hands

A man in a safety vest using a hand-held scanner to scan a package.


With our thorough and conscientious receiving process, goods are inspected prior to storage to ensure integrity and quality.

A man with a hard hat carrying a cardboard package.


We warehouse your goods in our clean, secure and organized facilities across the U.S. Working with professional pest control providers and best-in-class technology, we adhere to the most strict storage standards for food-grade products.

A man in a hard hat and jacket holding a tablet.


Using our state-of-the-art warehouse management system and inventory controls, we manage your goods with confidence and within compliance. With Veracity, never worry about losing a product again.

How We Make It Happen

Supported by reputable, tried and true technology, we have the tools and processes we need to keep your inventory secure, quality and compliant.

A bar code.

Barcode Application

4 boxes with 4 arrows pointing in a counter-clockwise rotation.

FIFO Rotation

A label with Lot 123 on it.

Lot Codes

A magnifying glass scanning a package.

Date & Batch Tracking

A plus and minus symbol with 4 arrows rotating counter-clockwise around them.

Electronic Cycle Counting

A gear icon and a package with arrows rotating around in a clockwise formation.

Aging Cycles

A clipboard with a magnifying glass focused on a checkmark.

Quality Traceability

Two arrows rotating clockwise around a package.

Recall Traceability

A ribbon with a checkmark in the center.

AIB Certified

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